Marketing and Sales Marketing and sales

At the stage of launching a startup "mortality" percentage among projects is higher than at any other stage of development. Let's talk about the specifics of entering other markets, why marketing tools are mostly useless and how to devise such a strategy that will lead you to success.

Investments. How and where? Investments. How and where?

Where to find money? Who and on what conditions can invest in your startup? And who should manage all these countless treasures? Startups always need investments. If the initial capital of $ 100,000 seems to be already something unrealistic, then, provided the project is successfully launched, you will have to operate the sums even with a bigger number of zeros.

Monetization Monetization

Making money out of your own ideas - sounds cool, but it's not that easy. How about working without profit when mass media mention your project in the context of attracting the next seven digit investment? Let’s try to be realistic in our aspirations as to income and as to how it will be generated.

Global Competition Global Competition

Global competition will be considered as both the engine and the main destructive factor in the startup development, and it will be concluded whether there is a necessity in the development of the local idea to global proportions. Is a new start-up business able to compete with global projects, and if so - under what conditions?

Technology Technology

We shall talk about the phenomenon of technology "copying" and of individual development of a startup-business, and how to practically benefit from both of them. Your goal is to learn how to make good use of the experience of others in order to facilitate your own project and how to do it accurately.

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Programme and Speakers

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Kostiantyn Miska ex-Head of business development Slando , Co-founder Yalla Classifieds New markets. How quickly to become №1

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Sasha Davydenko COO Petcube Sales, swindlers and 2 logistic hints

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Coffee break

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Oleksandr Butkaliuk Team Leader Mars Hopper The path to victory:
- Idea.
- Team work.
- Overcoming obstacles.

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Yaroslav Krempovich Investment analyst Startup Hub Poland Fundraising And Investment Readiness

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Nazar Panchyshyn CMO Clickky Startup in a hip-hop style

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Evgeniy Sarantsov Founder Tradehub Investment in hypothesis

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Valerii Shypunov СТО Innocode Product validation and market exploration, lessons learned

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Dmytro Mindra Director of Technology Opower My (and not only my) mistakes

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